Greening Ringwood - Phase 2 Launch Event

Greening Ringwood - Phase 2 Launch Event

  • By: Ringwood Town Council

Greening Ringwood and Ringwood Town Council are delighted to announce their Grand Launch Event showcasing Phase II of the 5 new projects in Ringwood – Everyone welcome. Plus refreshments with live music and singing!

Supported by Hampshire County Council , The Greening Campaign, and 5 expert organisations, these 5 projects, (funded by the Lottery) are:

Space for Nature – advise you how to increase wildlife biodiversity in your garden,
Cycle of the Seed – give you tips on how to grow your own delicious vegetables at home,
Efficient Homes – help you make your own home warmer in winter and cooler in summer,
Health impacts of Climate Change – alert you to effects of changing climate and how we can best cope,
Waste Prevention – help us to reduce waste as much as possible.

Lindsay Andrews of Greening Ringwood says: ‘We are building on the success of Greening Ringwood’s focus in 2023, of helping people save money and reduce energy use. By now you should have received our NEW Greening Ringwood postcards providing you with 5 challenges. See which THREE of these 5 challenges you would like to achieve, and then please display your card in your window! By working together on all these we can make such a difference!’

Ringwood Town Councillor John Haywood, a member of the Energy Efficient Homes project says: ‘It’s been amazing to see how the Ringwood Community has come together yet again – our own team have already taken thermal images of 97 Ringwood homes during January and February to see where they were leaking heat, and then brought experts together at Greyfriars on 11 March to give advice on retrofitting – we’re hoping to do many more next winter’.

Apart from showcasing the 5 new projects, the Launch event will feature local musicians and choirs, refreshments from Moyles Court School and Idelica (The Spanish Place) , and children from several local schools will demonstrate some of the eco activities they are doing.

We are really looking forward to showing you what will be on offer over the next 12 months in Ringwood!