Greening Ringwood - have you received your postcard?

Greening Ringwood - have you received your postcard?

  • By: Ringwood Town Council

Have you received your Greening Ringwood postcard?  Which 5 ideas will you try to reduce your fuel bills and reduce emissions too? 

Can we make Ringwood one of the highest scoring towns to take part in the Greening Campaign? 

Ringwood Town Councillor Rae Frederick who is leading the initiative explained “We are delighted to be running the Greening Campaign with support from Hampshire County Council. Community groups from the town selected 8 steps that the people of Ringwood could take.  Volunteers have been delivering cards to each household, shop or business. Now those people choose the 5 or more steps that they are happy to commit to and then displays the postcard in their window. In early September we will count them and work out what percentage of the community has made this commitment.”  

Rae added “Over 200 communities across the UK have already run their Greening Campaigns. 30-50% of those towns have displayed their postcards. I know how great the Ringwood Community is and really hope we will get one of the highest scores.”

Thanks to the Tree Council, Greening Ringwood is also able to offer a free tree to those households committing to 5 actions and displaying the card in their window.  Just fill in the application form and someone will be in touch with you. If you haven’t received your postcard yet, please email or pop in to Ringwood Gateway to collect one.

Lindsay Andrews a member of Ringwood Actions for Climate Emergency (RACE) explained “What better way to Green Ringwood than offer each household a tree to plant in their garden.  We know not everyone will have space, but for those that do, trees will arrive in November and should spring into life next year. We are delighted to be the first community to make this offer as part of the Greening Campaign.”

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