Greening Ringwood

Greening Ringwood

  • By: Ringwood Town Council

Want to reduce your fuel bills? Come along to the Greening Ringwood Launch Event on 2nd July outside the Gateway Building.

With rising energy prices have you ever wondered what more you can do to reduce energy use at home?  The Greening Ringwood campaign introduces some simple steps that could help.

The Town Council is working with local community groups to bring some of the ways of saving energy to life. Schools, churches, Men’s Shed, Rotary, Round Table, Unity Lodge and RACE are all helping.

Councillor Rae Frederick who is leading the initiative said “You may have noticed some slightly strange displays around the town, these are all part of the campaign and on Saturday 2nd July we will be holding a launch fair outside the Gateway Building. This will explain what will happen next and provide an opportunity to get more involved. Please pop along between 10am and 2pm to understand more and see what is planned.”

Phase 1 of the Greening Campaign focuses on things that we can all do at home to save money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.  Ringwood is not the first town to do this, the approach has been successful in over 200 other towns across the UK.

Rae added “Every household will be invited to take part, each street, road, close and avenue will be able to get involved. If the whole town takes this to heart then we could more successful than all those other towns that have gone before us.  I love where I live and feel strongly that the Ringwood Community has the ability and the desire to make a difference.”

At the launch event, not only can everyone find out more, those who would like to help can become champions for their street or area. There will be refreshments available and the opportunity to chat to like-minded people, or to just absorb the information.

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Greening Ringwood

Ringwood Town Council is committed to Greening Ringwood and it is being led by Councillor Rae Frederick Mary Deboos and Lindsay Andrews. The Greening Campaign has been running for over 10 years across the country and is part of the HCC 2050 Vision for the Future. The Greening Campaign believes that local Councils such as Town and Parish/Wards and Associations, are the most important link to tackling Climate Change.

It is a structured approach which guides communities through a process.  It also shares best practice so we have the best chance of succeeding as we move as a community towards being more sustainable. 

What is the ‘greening’ campaign?

Put simply, the campaign aims to encourage and support local people and businesses to take easy and straightforward steps to reduce energy consumption and waste. It encourages each of us as individuals to take a series of simple steps that both save money and reduce emissions. 

The campaign makes it easy to see who is taking part and aims to make it fun by encouraging each other to make meaningful changes.

This campaign sits alongside and is complementary to everything the town has already done and is continuing to do to encourage a greener Ringwood. 

Facebook group

Join the Greening Ringwood Facebook group to find out more.

Take a selfie with the lightbulb and kettle if you see them around town and post on the Greening Ringwood Facebook page.