The Bickerley

Update – 7 August 2018

Wessex Water has now engaged contractors to begin removing the fencing and filling the post-holes on Tuesday 28 August, with this work expected to be completed by Friday 31 August.

The Council’s grounds maintenance staff will then attend to the grass and weeds that have grown along the fence line, in readiness for the arrival of the Carnival funfair from Sunday 9 September.

The majority of the fencing will be donated to the Ellingham and Ringwood Show (for use at the 2019 event and beyond), and the remainder will be donated to a water-themed community project, chosen by Wessex Water.

Update - Monday 4 June 2018

Remedial works have commenced on The Bickerley today.

We hope that this work will finally resolve the surface water issues created by Wessex Water, and the area will be returned to public use this summer.

The Carnival Committee has been assured by Wessex Water that the funfair will be able to return to the site for this year's event.

Update - 22 January 2018

Unfortunately, the remedial works carried out by Wessex Water in August last year failed to resolve the drainage issue. 

There continues to be substantial areas of standing water across the site, and in areas that have never been wet before. 

Further works are required in order for Wessex Water to return the land to the Council in the condition it was in before they occupied the land. 

This work will be carried out in the Spring and, when proven to be successful, the fence will be removed. 

However, it may be some time yet before the ground is sufficiently recovered and firm enough to support the large vehicles that come with events such as the fun fair.

Update – 3 August 2017

Following the works carried out by Wessex Water last year, and after heavy rainfall over the winter period, there was a large amount of surface water on The Bickerley that was unable to drain away.  Wessex

Wessex Water, therefore, agreed to carry out remedial work to improve the drainage, re-level and re-seed the area currently enclosed by a temporary fence.

This work is now being carried out and, once the ground has recovered, we will be able to remove the fence and bring the area back in to use by all.

Update – 27 October 2016

Work is almost complete – all pipe is in the ground and Wessex Water is re-instating Bickerley Green – grass seed has been spread and is growing fast.

A post and rail fence is currently being erected to replace the herras fencing – this will be in place temporarily until next Spring to allow the ground to recover, and will be removed once the grass is established.

Wessex Water should be demobilised from site by 4 November 2016.

Update – 17 May 2016

Wessex Water will be moving back into the site compound in Bickerley Road in the week commencing 23 May 2016, with the intention of re-commencing works on Tuesday 31 May.

Works are expected to be complete by late September / early October.

It has now been confirmed that both Armed Forces Day (25 June) and the Carnival Funfair (September) will be held on Carvers Recreation Ground this year.

Update – 17 February 2016

Wessex Water have now confirmed that they will not be returning to site until the end of May/beginning of June.

This is due to the high river and groundwater levels, which are preventing them from dewatering the area.

The Armed Forces Day event on 25thJune, usually held on The Bickerley, will be moved to Carvers Recreation Ground this year, and talks are ongoing with Ringwood Carnival about its event in September.

Further details will follow.

UPDATE – 18 January 2016

Wessex Water will be demobilising from the Bickerley Road site for approximately four weeks or until the river levels subside. This is due to the Environment Agency withdrawing the licence to discharge ground water into the river, as the River Avon is currently on Flood Alert.

Heavy plant and equipment will be removed this week but site cabins and fencing will remain in place.

The schedule of works (with revised completion date) will be updated on return to site.

UPDATE – 9 December 2015

• Kingsbury's Lane will be fully open to all traffic by this Friday 11 December
• Current works in Bickerley Road will be complete by Friday 18 December
• Further works in Bickerley Road (between the pumping station and number 59) are scheduled for the end of January (2-3 weeks)
• Work will commence on Bickerley Common on 4 January and should be complete by the end of April 2016, ground conditions and weather permitting
• The site will shut for Christmas from 23 December to 4 January. Contact number for any issues during this time is 01225 526800

The Bickerley, Ringwood

Work will begin on Monday 21 September on essential improvements to the sewerage network designed to reduce the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

This follows Ringwood Town Council’s call for action to Wessex Water in early 2013 after a period of heavy rainfall led to the sewer being overwhelmed and sewage being discharged into Kingsbury’s Lane.

At that time, Wessex Water gave a commitment to the Council that it would fully investigate the flooding issues and find a solution.  The works to be carried out over the next six months represent Phase One in a multi-million pound improvement scheme to alleviate flooding and improve the hydraulics and the capacity of the sewage treatment works.

Phase One will involve installing large diameter storage pipes across Bickerley Common (between the access road to Old Mill Flats and the pumping station) and increasing the size of the sewers in Kingsbury’s Lane.

Access to the majority of Bickerley Common will be restricted from Monday until early March 2016, although all footpaths will be kept open.

The junction of Bickerley Road and Kingsbury’s Lane will be closed from 28 September until 30 October, but Bickerley Road will remain open to through traffic by means of a temporary diversion around the works area.

Kingsbury’s Lane will be closed to through traffic from 28 September to 23 December.  Traffic which normally exits via Kingsbury’s Lane will be directed out through the entrance to Blynkbonnie Car Park, which will be changed to operate 2-way during this period.

If you have any questions for Wessex Water during the works, please call their Customer Services team on 0345 600 4 600 (Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm, emergencies at other times), or visit their website for a live chat.