Work will begin on Monday 21 September on essential improvements to the sewerage network designed to reduce the risk of flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.

This follows Ringwood Town Council’s call for action to Wessex Water in early 2013 after a period of heavy rainfall led to the sewer being overwhelmed and sewage being discharged into Kingsbury’s Lane.

At that time, Wessex Water gave a commitment to the Council that it would fully investigate the flooding issues and find a solution.

The works to be carried out over the next six months represent Phase One in a multi-million pound improvement scheme to alleviate flooding and improve the hydraulics and the capacity of the sewage treatment works.

Phase One will involve installing large diameter storage pipes across Bickerley Common (between the access road to Old Mill Flats and the pumping station) and increasing the size of the sewers in Kingsbury’s Lane.

Access to the majority of Bickerley Common will be restricted from Monday until early March 2016, although all footpaths will be kept open.

The junction of Bickerley Road and Kingsbury’s Lane will be closed from 28 September until 30 October, but Bickerley Road will remain open to through traffic by means of a temporary diversion around the works area.

Kingsbury’s Lane will be closed to through traffic from 28 September to 23 December.

Traffic which normally exits via Kingsbury’s Lane will be directed out through the entrance to Blynkbonnie Car Park, which will be changed to operate 2-way during this period.

Cllr Chris Treleaven, Chairman of the Council’s Planning, Town & Environment Committee said: “I and my fellow Council Members are very pleased that Wessex Water has fully investigated the flooding issues in this area and has committed to a multi-million pound investment.

Although there will be some inconvenience to residents during the works, we hope these improvements will bring relief to residents living in the Bickerley area, and particularly Kingsbury’s Lane.”