Ringwood & District Twinning Association

Our Twin Town in France is Pont Audemer  in Normandy. It has a population of approximately 9,000.  Like Ringwood with the river Avon, a distinctive feature of the town is its river, the Risle. The town has a medieval core of half-timbered houses adjacent to a small network of canals which is a charming and interesting backdrop to the more modern parts of the town.

When did the Twinning begin?

  • The two Town Councils signed the formal Twinning Charter in April 1986
  • The first Twinning visit to Pont-Audemer was by Ringwood Parish Church Choir in October 1987
  • Many years later after the demise of the organising committee a fresh start was made in 2009 with the first visit to Pont-Audemer taking place in March 2011

What are our aims?

  • To encourage Ringwood & District residents to develop friendships and understanding with the people of Pont-Audemer
  • To learn about the history, life style and culture of another country
  • To organise a Twinning visit to Pont-Audemer every two years

What do we do?

  • We invite Pont-Audemer residents to visit Ringwood every two years, the next visit is in 2021
  • Recruit people to host these visitors
  • Organise a welcome reception, if possible on the day of arrival, which is usually hosted and funded by Ringwood Town Council.
  • Organise an outing for them to a local attraction
  • Organise a group meal at a local restaurant
  • Ask that you entertain your guests and organise an outing for them on the other full day
  • Organise a reciprocal visit to Pont-Audemer in the alternate years, the next visit is in 2020. Most of us stay with families but some Twinners' prefer to arrange their own accommodation. 
  • Support some casual visits between people of the two towns
  • Help organisations develop their own Twinning visits

How do we fund Twinning events

  • Charge an annual membership of £12 per person or £24 for an organisation.....now reduced to £6 and £12 for the rest of the year
  • Organise fund-raising social events,
  • We try to obtain grants for our activities
  • Invite sponsorship from local companies
  • Pay our own travel costs

What have we done so far?

  • Visited Pont-Audemer in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018
  • Linked sporting and cultural groups in Ringwood with their counterparts in Pont-Audemer
  • Hosted a visit by Pont-Audemer here in 2013, 2015, 2017 and 2019
  • Hosted a Pont-Audemer Camera club visit to Ringwood
  • Hosted a visit by their choir Cantarisle Chorale
  • Hosted three visits by their folk dancing group La Morelle and Normandie Hier to take part in Fanfare for Spring
  • Supported a Ringwood Camera Club visit to Pont-Audemer
  • Supported two RMDS concert visits to Pont-Audemer
  • Organised many fund raising events in Ringwood
  • Advertised our events on the Town web site, in local newspapers, on Facebook
  • Created our own web site and Facebook page
  • Organised a joint event with an Austin 7 club
  • Hosted two concerts by Musique a Trois, one by Scarlet Swing and one by Retro Rita
  • Organised a photographic display of Pont-Audemer in The Meeting House in September 2016 and May 2017

I don’t speak the language, how do I cope?

  • We will try to ensure that your visitors speak some English, almost all of them do
  • Sign language and humour usually works, so does a glass of wine!
  • We will arrange an English speaking host if you prefer that option

How do I do get involved?

We welcome new members and are actively seeking extra new hosts for 2021. We are also seeking Ringwood residents who would like to visit Pont-Audemer in 2020.

You can contact us by any of the methods below. You can join us at any time of the year.

  • E-mail the Honorary Secretary at  ringwoodtwinning@yahoo.co.uk
  • Telephone the membership secretary,  Colin Nye on 0770 8558 909
  • Take part in one of our fund-raising events open to the public and introduce yourself
  • Visit our website  www.ringwood-twinning.weebly.com and complete the form on the CONTACT page
Chair John Legg ringwoodtwinning@yahoo.co.uk
Honorary Secretary Colin Nye ringwoodtwinning@yahoo.co.uk
Membership Secretary Colin Nye  0770 8558 909


Our annual membership fees are:

Individual: £12
Family or Group: £24 (2 votes entitlement per group)




Please Contact Colin Nye on  0770 8558 909 for further information and a membership form.

Come & join us – we need your support to make your Association thrive.

Agenda 2018Draft Minutes 2018

Approved Minutes 2017

AGM of Ringwood & District Twinning Association was held on Wednesday June 14th 2017  - Agenda (PDF) | Minutes (PDF)

AGM 2016 - Minutes (PDF)

Report of our visit to Pont Audemer in June 2014 (PDF)

2019 Twinning Visit by Pont-Audemer

Can you help with this event?
We need hosts to accommodate our guests
We need people to transport our guests to places of interest
We need people to entertain our guests

How do I find out about what happens on a Twinning visit?
Details of the last 4 visits are on our website www.ringwood-twinning.weebly.com
You can e-mail us for details on ringwoodtwinning@yahoo.co.uk

What does it cost?
We pay all their entry costs to places of interest that we organise
We pay all their meal costs at venues we organise
You pay for them if you entertain them or take them out other than on the organised programme
You must pay the membership fee as this gives third party insurance cover
You pay for your costs at the venues we organise

What do I get out of it?
You are entitled to visit Pont-Audemer in 2020 on the organised visit
All your costs will be paid for on the visit to France
except the cost of getting there and personal spending

How do I get involved?
Complete a membership application form
Pay your Membership Fee which is only £12 per person for the year
You will then receive further details of all our events