At the last Full Council meeting in Ringwood it was agreed that the next Full Council Meeting to be held on 29th July 2015 at 7pm will be held outside in the Gateway Square immediately in front of the Gateway Offices.

The Mayor Councillor Michael Thierry put forward the suggestion to fellow councillors saying ‘we must give local people the opportunity to see what we do and to put forward their concerns to us’. Councillor Thierry reminded his fellow councillors that the Gateway Square had been used very effectively to provide a church service for the Lantern of Remembrance last year.

While fellow councillors had some reservations about how the meeting would be controlled they were all in favour of the idea and hoped the weather would not hinder the event.

Councillors asked the Town Clerk Mr Stephen Nash to make the arrangements and to seek topics for discussion from local residents via the media and web site. Any resident of Ringwood wishing to raise an item for discussion at the meeting should contact the Town Clerk at least 7 days before the meeting.

Rules governing local councils mean that any item not listed on the Agenda cannot be discussed without due notice. After a short meeting of the Full Council the meeting will be closed and an Open Forum will take place where those topics listed can be discussed directly with councillors within the time scales permitted.