Over the summer, a new Detached Youth Service was launched in Ringwood.

The service is funded by Ringwood Town Council but is operated by charity Groundwork South who operate similar services in other Hampshire Towns.

Detached youth work involves making contact with young people where they are, rather than from a particular building or service.

The aim is to build relationships with the young people and provide informal social education, support, games and activities.

Youth workers operate across designated areas specifically targeting hot spots as identified by the Police and other services to help tackle anti-social behaviour.

The two youth workers in Ringwood are also exploring ideas with young people who are not engaged in other formal activities in the town about potential activities that they would like to part in.

This is a pilot service although it is hoped that if successful further funding will be found.

Craig Lockwood, Project Manager from Groundwork South said, “we are thrilled to be operating in the beautiful town of Ringwood and can’t wait to support and guide the local youth into a brighter future and help build a stronger community.

Our detached work in Eastleigh has helped to reduce anti sociable behaviours, create positive pathways for young people and listen to the young resident’s views and wants.

We can’t wait to do this in Ringwood over the coming months.”

Local police are supportive of the project. Acting Police Sergeant, Sarah Gulliver said, “the Ringwood Policing Team are pleased to be supporting the New Detached Youth Service in the area and their important work in reaching out to young people.

This type of youth work is not only beneficial for the young people themselves but for the community as a whole.”