At Ringwood Town Council’s Annual Meeting on 20th May a new Town Mayor was voted into office by fellow councillors.

Councillor Michael Thierry who was last year’s Deputy Mayor and had previously been the Mayor of Ringwood between 2003-2005 and agreed to take office for a second time. Councillor Thierry is also a District Councillor along with fellow Councillors Christine Ford, Jeremy Heron, Mark Steele and Steve Rippon-Swaine.

His Deputy Mayor will be Councillor Christine Ford who also held the office of Mayor between 2009-2011 and had previously been the Chairman at New Forest District Council.

There were also seven new comers who accepted their office as councillors at the meeting and agreed to sit on a variety of sub committees and as members on outside bodies.

The new Mayor welcomed new councillors to the Town Council and promised them a busy time ahead with new experiences to be shared. He congratulated Councillor Heron on his appointment to the Cabinet at New Forest District Council and also welcomed Sam Whittingham who is a returning Student Advisor for the council from Ringwood School.

Both new councillors and old will be provided with training over the coming weeks to help them understand their responsibilities and support them in the decision making process.

Following the meeting a ‘council photo’ was taken showing all the new councillors, something which has not been done before to the knowledge of current councillors.

Anyone wanting to contact councillors can do so through the Town Council web site or by ringing the town council offices and information on upcoming events can also be found here.