Last Friday the young people of Ringwood, and the not so young, at last got the chance to use their brand new skatepark and it’s not been empty since.

Its popularity means that there is a lot of waiting around to get onto the new park at the moment, but there is a unanimous ‘It’s worth it’ comment from the young people. The very poor weather we have all experienced since November means the opening was delayed a few weeks but skatepark builders Maverick based in Bournemouth, managed to keep that delay to a minimum and provide a high quality park in time for the holidays.

Mayor of Ringwood Councillor Michael Thierry said ‘It’s amazing to see so many young people are using the site and it’s incredible the skill they show on bikes, boards and blades. I am sure my fellow councillors are equally as pleased to know that we were able to work with young people to create such a splendid facility to test themselves on’.

The skatepark which has cost £150,000 and was built on the site of the old metal skate ramps will have an official opening later on this year as part of a larger ‘skate fest’ planned for young people. The old park was supported by former Councillor Danny Cracknell a strong supporter of the young people of the town who raised over £3,000 towards this park and are recruiting a ‘Maintenance Crew’ to keep the park clear for users and demonstrate their commitment to the project.

The facility which is only metres away from the new youth facility, The Place, which also recently opened at a cost of £540,000 will enhance the area known as Carvers Playing Field and provide activities for all ages and abilities.

For more information on planned events and the facilities mentioned in Ringwood, look at the council’s web site or ring 01425 473883