Grant applications will usually be considered by the Policy & Finance Committee bi-monthly. Please contact the office for further information on deadlines. (See Grant Procedure Guidelines (PDF)

Applicants are required to complete the Council’s Grant Application form (PDF) or (Word) to apply for grant aid, and to provide all the information requested. Completion of the form does not necessarily entitle the applicant to an award; this is at the discretion of the Council.

There are regulatory restrictions on the type of activity which may be awarded a grant, for example, it is important that there is benefit to the Town and/or local residents. Further information regarding Sections 137 and 145 of the Local Government Act 1972 may be found below.

Applications can be made for capital or revenue expenditure or special projects. Any organization awarded in excess of £2,000 in any one year will be required to submit a written report detailing how the funds have been spent.

In considering applications for grant aid, the Council will take into account the purpose for which the grant is required, the organisation’s accounts, how the grant will benefit the residents of Ringwood, other bodies to which applications for financial assistance have been made, and any other supporting information.

Organisations are not restricted to the number of grant applications that may be made over a period of time.  However, the history of previous applications will be considered in the decision making process.

Grant Aid

LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT 1972 (as Amended)


Under Section 137 of the Local Government Act 1972 (as amended) ‘a council may incur expenditure which will bring direct benefit to its area or any part of it or all or some of its inhabitants.’

Under this section, the Council can make grants to voluntary bodies, to charities and disaster appeal funds where, in the council’s opinion the grant will benefit any part of its area or any of the inhabitants.

If the value of the assistance exceeds £2,000 in any one year, the council must attach a condition requiring the recipient to provide a written report on how the money has been used.


A local council has the power to do, or contribute to the expenses of doing anything which it considers necessary or expedient for any of the following purposes, whether inside or outside its area:

‘the provision of any entertainment of any kind or of facilities for dancing’

‘the maintenance of a band or orchestra’

‘anything incidental to the above, including the provision of refreshments and programmes and or advertising.’

Local councils can use Section 145 to encourage village music or dance and drama festivals or craft exhibitions.