At the Full Council meeting on 19th December, the Town Mayor presented a Grant Aid award of £500 to Michael Macario and Dick Sheerin of Ringwood Rotary Club to cover the costs of Christmas Eve Festivities in the Market Place.

Mr Macario thanked the Council for its generous support for this event, which was started by the Chamber of Trade and Commerce in 1971 and taken over by the Rotary Club in 1999.

Since then over 20,000 presents had been collected and given to local charities, children’s homes and special schools.

They hoped to be able to carry on the tradition for years to come as it was one of the most looked forward to events in the town, with over 3000 people attending.

He added that it had been a wonderful year working with the Council and Events Team on local events; long may it continue.

The Town Mayor thanked the Club for all their support.