Jubilee Lamp Today

Jubilee Lamp Today

The iconic Jubilee Lamp, in Ringwood’s Market Place, was constructed in 1887 for Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee.

A Grade II listed monument, it is built on a stone plinth, and made from cast-iron, with copper lanterns.

2013 saw the completion of a complex restoration project involving carefully removing the old layers of paint, repairing the lanterns off-site and then re-painting the stand in black. Black was chosen due to the fact that the original lamp, being cast iron, would have been black, and because it is the most hard-wearing colour for maintenance.

Thanks to input from a working group of councillors and residents, the lamp has been transformed. The cost of the restoration works was funded by the Town Council with the aid of grant support from the Cleaning Services Group (CSG).

The contract for the restoration was won by JW UK. Photographs below show the lamp as it was in 2004, immediately ‘before’ restoration, with pictures of the dismantled lanterns being restored in the workshop and the stand under renovation.

The final result (pictured above) is spectacular, with the copper finish of the lanterns contrasting with the cleaned and repainted cast iron lamp stand. Ringwood can once again be proud of the lamp as a beautiful historic landmark.

  • Before-Jubilee-Lamp-in-Dec-2004
  • Before-Restoration-Dec-12
  • Before-Restoration-Dec-12-2
  • Lantern-in-workshop-Sep-13
  • Lantern-in-workshop-Sep-13-2
  • Under-restoration-Aug-13