Last winter saw some of the worst highway flooding that Ringwood has ever seen, making roads in the Hightown and Crow areas impassable, causing damage to vehicles and making life very difficult for residents.

In response, the Town Council convened a Flood Action Working Party, bringing together all the relevant agencies and authorities. At this meeting, it became clear that lack of maintenance over the years has resulted in severe restrictions reducing the efficiency of Crow Stream, thereby increasing flooding events and having a detrimental impact on the environment.

Following the meeting, a schedule of works was drawn up, designed to mitigate these issues and to restore drainage system efficiency in the stream between Eastfield Lane and Sandford. This work is scheduled to start during week commencing 4th August and is expected to take up to six weeks. The work is being funded from Section 106 Developers’ Contributions collected by New Forest District Council specifically for drainage works in the town.

The Town Council continues to work in partnership with Hampshire County Council’s Highways and Ordinary Watercourses teams, who have agreed to work on enforcement issues relating to blocked culverts in private ownership and will be dealing with various relief drains and culverts beneath the highway as part of ongoing maintenance operations.