It is regrettable that the period of lockdown defence against coronavirus has had to be extended.

Clearly, this will prolong the difficulties so many of us face each day, but we simply must continue the fight against infection spread as instructed by Government advice.

Coronavirus is present in and around Ringwood and we must do all we can to restrict further casualty numbers.

Here and throughout the world every death is a tragedy and on behalf of our whole community I wish to extend heartfelt condolences to all who have suffered loss.

I congratulate and thank Ringwood people for good humoured, well-disciplined adherence to the stay home, socially distance, stay safe policy which has resulted in the police reporting very few problems.

Our local medical practices maintain a strong emphasis on the need for our continued diligence and point out that access to doctors remains fully available through telephone or email consultation.

A total triage system is being employed to ensure that any urgent medical need or condition is dealt with, as necessary.

Also of course we benefit from the wonderful response of numerous individuals, organisations, and the many volunteers offering help with personal needs through the Ringwood Coronavirus Assistance group who can be contacted by phone at 01425 542031 or email

Though we had to close the Town Council Gateway building, your councillors continue to work as best they can to address community needs, the town council officers and staff continue working to ensure that essential services provision is maintained and public contact remains available by email to or telephone (during office hours) 01425 484720.

Individual councillors’ contact details are listed on the council website –

It only remains for me to repeat my thanks and good wishes to the people of Ringwood and on behalf of the community to all the front line workforce – NHS, essential service providers, shop staff, delivery personnel and all those who provide for our needs, care for us and protect us to say many, many sincere thanks.