This is an appeal to all those pedal car enthusiasts that have been to in the past or may want to take part in the next British Pedal Car Grand Prix next year.

We have some news that Jim Stride will not be the ‘leading light’ next year, so the event maybe in jeopardy.

There are 2 or 3 stalwarts who have helped to organise this great event and who are still around but this is nowhere near enough people to organise the event.

However, this is a Ringwood event which everybody enjoys as such and I think the majority of the organising of the event should be done by Ringwood people, that way it will remain a Ringwood event that the town can be proud of.

So basically we need the local teams to come and help us. We of course need all of you on the day for helping/entering but we need people to stick with it “Committee wise” for the months before, not just on the day.

We have to organise the following:

  • Funding (sponsorship etc),
  • Publicity/Media etc
  • Website (facebook etc),
  • Entries/Payments
  • Event Permissions
  • Road Closures
  • Traffic Diversions
  • Course Construction (barriers, straw bales etc)
  • First Aid
  • Lap counting sensors etc

It’s quite a lot but not as difficult as it sounds and doesn’t take a huge amount of time out of your life IF WE HAVE THE HELP!

Please get in contact if you, one or more from your team or anybody else would like to get involved for that matter. If we have enough people then I will call a meeting and we can discuss how we proceed.

If we don’t then, well that’s a problem shall we say.

Please don’t just leave it to others because they are doing the same thing each year.

Please contact via the website-