No one coming to shop in Ringwood Town Centre at the moment could fail to be impressed by the abundance of Foxgloves at the Gateway Square gardens.

In fact Ringwood Town Council staff have found themselves inundated with positive comments from people.  Since coming into bloom residents and visitors alike have been pouring through the doors to say well done and heap praise on those responsible.

Office Manager Christine Smith said ‘it’s wonderful that people take the time to tell us about the good things we do and not just the bad, I hope the flowers will last a while longer’.

The Gateway Square and building has now been in place for 3 years and provides services to the Town, District and County Council Officers in carrying out their roles.  Meetings, training, weddings and Visitor Information are all provided at the Gateway with rents, parking clocks and other services being supported by staff there.

Chairman of the Recreation and Open Spaces Committee who are responsible for the Gardens is newly elected Councillor Andy Briers who said ‘The garden is a fantastic backdrop for weddings and provides a great ‘feel good factor’ for people relaxing in the Gateway Square during the day. We have an excellent Grounds Team led by Kelvin Wentworth and I am sure they all appreciate the good comments received’.

The Gateway Square has been used to great effect during local events.  Organisations are also able to book space on the Square by contacting the Town Council. The square is also a key area for the town’s Christmas lights when one of two trees is placed there and light decorations seem to float in the sky from the large trees along Meeting House Lane.