Enjoy a day out at Ringwood Market! Here since the year 1226! Every Wednesday from 8:00am Buy with confidence from regular traders a wide selection of foods, plants, clothes, hardware and assorted household goods.

Town Market image © Ringwood Town Council

Town Market image © Ringwood Town Council

The Wednesday Market has been in Ringwood for at least 780 years.

Farm produce and general wares are still sold today.

Dozens of stalls collect in the Market Place at first light, the rights of which are still owned by the Lord of the Manor, Edward Morant who now lives in Lymington.

Henry III granted the Market Charter to the Earl of Pembroke in 1226.

The Morant family bought the Market rights 200 years ago when they purchased 2000 acres of Ringwood and surrounding area from Lord Arundell in 1792.

The land was sold in 1916 to pay death duties but the Market Charter and the Morant family retained the Poulner Common.

To contact Edward Morant Tel: 01590 622361 for further details.