The problem with grass, Part 1…
… it keeps on growing. It is sad when public gardens and green spaces start to look untidy.

At Ringwood Town Council we understand how much these areas mean to you but we have so many to look after that, like most councils, we struggle to keep up at the peak growing season.

We also try not to use chemical weed-killers any more than we have to.

Our grounds workers are busy making their way round as fast as they can, please bear with us if it takes a while before they reach your favourite spot.

The problem with grass, Part 2…
… it doesn’t pick itself up.

Ringwood Town Council grounds workers cut the grass at both the town cemetery and in the disused burial ground around the parish church.

Whilst we aim to do this sensitively, we don’t collect the clippings even though we know that some people would like us to.

It isn’t that we don’t care, it’s just that we have to think about the extra costs this would require and be fair to council tax payers.